How to care for tailoring and make it last for years

With a little care and a few tips, you can keep all your tailoring (jackets, trousers or suits) looking great for a long time. Here’s our guide. 

Keep the jacket on a good, well shaped hanger. It’s important that the back of the collar is kept in the same shape as your neck, so when you wear it next it fits well around that area.

When you have worn the garment hang it on the outside of the wardrobe to allow it to air for a few hours or overnight, otherwise any possible smells picked up, say in a restaurant, would be transferred to other garments. 

Make sure trousers are hung on their creases. To find them start at the hems hold upside down then they are easy to find.

If you spill anything on your garment, it happens to everybody, don’t just rush off to the dry cleaners. If its food use the end of a damp towel and rub gently in different directions then use the dry part to remove any surplus water . If that doesn’t work then consult a specialist cleaner.

Frequent cleaning can shorten the life of anything as the chemicals can be. harmful if used too often. When the time comes for cleaning find a specialist. There are some great chemical free dry cleaners nowadays.

If you wear your tailoring a lot, try not to wear it on too many consecutive days as all garments need time to rest.


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