I-Social-Ation Style Tips

Isolation Style Tips

Even at home, I find it’s really important to maintain some element of your normal style. It feels good to get up and get ready for the day, but now it can be as relaxed as you like.

I like to wear one of our Mr. Start T-Shirts that I can layer with either a Shirt or a Sweater to smarten up the look if I have an online meeting.

Tip, you don't actually have to iron all your shirts, they can look great and feel casual if you let them dry on the hanger! For years, Comme Des Garçon advised their customers for the best look it’s better not to iron their shirts.

I think that if you have a meeting on Zoom, or a House Party call with friends, I still like to make an impression, as the way you look lingers in people’s minds, so it’s worth making the effort, a crisp well fitting T-shirt with a great white shirt on top, you will look and feel a million dollars!


I love this article in the New York Times, where Tom Ford tells you how to look good on Zoom and set up a mini studio! You can thank me later!

Tom Ford’s Guide to Looking Hot on Zoom (NYTimes)

New York Times writer Maureen Dowd was nervous about interviewing Larry David over FaceTime, so she asked Tom Ford for his advice. “Put the computer up on a stack of books so the camera is slightly higher than your head. Say, about the top of your head. And then point it down into your eyes,” said Ford. “Then take a tall lamp and set it next to the computer on the side of your face you feel is best. The lamp should be in line with and slightly behind the computer so the light falls nicely on your face. Then put a piece of white paper or a white tablecloth on the table you are sitting at but make sure it can’t be seen in the frame. It will give you a bit of fill and bounce. And lots of powder, et voilà!”


I hope everybody is keeping well and look forward to seeing you all very soon. Keep healthy! 

- Philip