Behind the Scenes in our Latest Photoshoot

We plan our photoshoots months ahead of time for the upcoming season. The goal is to create a feel of the brand, nobody wants to see just outfits, they have to be suggestive. Many of our clients are creative people, they like to dress creatively, and the looks we put together give them the ideas to do so.

 Our brand is a not just tailoring, it is fashion, people expect to see imagery that is a bit more imaginative than a classic tailor would produce. We are creating a feeling of what our brand stands for, and the imagery is super important, and we don't want to be too traditional.

I am a big believer in breaking up suits, wearing the jacket from one suit, with the trouser from another, this way it doesn't look like a formal suit, it’s an outfit. In this shot, we have draped scarves over the body to create fuller textures and stretch our imagination.

It is hard to create a shot this interesting, I asked the model to turn his gaze to the floor, to create a different atmosphere and persona, we used the scarves create a contemporary yet moody feel. It is actually two scarves worn together to create the appearance of one scarf and tied together like a traditional tie.

This is my favourite image, we got our model dancing! Whilst I was standing on the set, it felt a bit motionless, that isn't how we imagine people wear our clothes, so getting him to dance shows how great it looks in real life.

This suit in particular has great fabric drape, allowing it to hang beautifully, and doesn't look overly formal. I have designed this specifically as a 'blazer suit', its designed to be split up, or worn together, making it the ideal travel suit for its flexibility, it is crease resistant and also water repellent! What more could you possibly need?