The Bomber is back

The thought of Goose and Maverick returning to our screens this summer made me chuckle.

Thinking of the (shall we say) slightly mature characters returning to the tarmac as 'apprentice turned master' feels somewhat nostalgic, if a little humorous.

It cast my mind back to a time when mad cow's disease, nuclear reactors and The Phantom of the Opera were on everyone's lips.

It was 1986.

Memories arouse, evoke and transport us.

It's funny how certain moments throw up entirely disparate imagery - from decade to decade, it changes.

Fashion is no different really.

When we look back, there's always one item that speaks about a certain time or scene or movement. Although sometimes there are pieces that have spanned much longer periods of time. 

One springs to mind.

Marlon Brando had it.

Steve McQueen rocked it.

Ryan Gosling wore it.

We are, of course, talking about the Bomber Jacket.

It's a classic piece that has been reimagined time and again, with different fabrics and alternative finishes, sometime laden with badges or motifs but essentially it remains the same.

This season at Mr.Start we decided to throw our hat in the ring and rework this classic jacket through the lens of contemporary tailoring.

They're available in store and online now.

We hope you like our offering.

The Bomber is back.

In fact, it never left us.

Goose and Maverick, start your engines. 


ps. just a thought

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