What to wear if you are a guest at a wedding

You have been invited to wedding or maybe more than one, if your group of friends are all getting married at similar times.
Most couples, if the wedding is a more formal type, would like you to look smart. The most uncomfortable feeling is to turn up at a wedding and feel that you haven’t planned your outfit well, and feel like the odd one out.
So, are you going to wear a suit or a jacket and trousers? If so, what to wear with it, so you look and feel great. If you already have a suit, and you are happy it looks and feels smart enough, you will need a crisp smart shirt to perk it up. While it’s probably sharpest and safest to wear white, a pale blue or even a pink one would normally be perfectly acceptable. Our Villa Medici double cuff brilliant white shirt and a pair of our silver and mother of pearl cufflinks, or our silver tie slide to create an elegant outfit. Alternatively our Ritz cotton shirt in pale pink offers a subtle touch of colour.
Unless told not to wear a tie, I think its always wise to wear one out of respect for your hosts. It can always be taken off once the party gets going. It’s a bad feeling if every one else wears one and you are one of the few that don’t. A tie should be an expression of your personality and can normally be most any colour especially if your suit or jacket is a plain colour. Have fun with it and let your personality shine. We have a wide selection of ties, from the simple and elegant plain handmade silk ties to the bolder brighter floral printed ties. Find our full selection here.
If the wedding is not so formal, it’s a great opportunity to dress in your own style. Whilst there may not be any requirements in the form of a dress code, it’s a good idea to wear something that nods to and respects the occasion. We have a great selection of silk and wool scarves in store which can be either tied in a loose knot or just left hanging to really complete your outfit. One great accessory is a silk pocket square, whether it’s formal or a bit more casual wedding. Most jackets or shirt jackets have a top pocket which can be opened up to give yourself a chance of self expression. Unless asked to wear a certain colour, then the choice of colour and pattern is entirely up to you. See our pocket square selection here.
Planning your wardrobe can be a bit much for a lot of men, so it’s always a good idea to have a special occasion outfit, whether it’s a suit or a jacket and trousers that look and feel dressed up. Something that can be worn to any smart event, it’s there waiting for you when needed. It may only need some updating depending on the occasion like the new shirt, tie or handkerchief.
See our entire selection of off the peg tailoring here, or book an appointment in store should you wish to discuss our made to measure service. We can do virtual appointments if required.
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