Which fit is right for you? The Mr. Start Shirt Styles explained...

Over the years, we have worked hard to perfect our fits and put our contemporary signature on a traditional shirt.

We have worked closely with our loyal customers to create a faultless shirt, sourcing only the finest fabrics from the finest mills in Italy.

Our clients come back season after season to replenish their wardrobe with their favourite staple, or update it with one of our new, seasonal fabrics.

Read more to find out which one is right for you, and how style guru Philip Start thinks you should wear it.


The Mr. Start Fits


We have a slim fit and a casual fit. The design features are what differentiates them from each other.


The Slim fit

Our slim style has been so popular, we have created this in four versions, what differentiates them is the change in cuff, collar and placket. But the fit through the body always stays the same.

The ritz Slim Fit Shirt, with a mitred cuff and topstitched collar detail in beautiful Italian cloth, with a luxurious texture and appearance, from Mr. Start Shoreditch. Mens Slim fit shirt

The Ritz

The Ritz shirt is our most formal shirt, it has the stiffest collar with top stitching detail, a mitred cuff to give your shirt a stylish edge, and a sharp, topstitched placket.

ritz villa slim fit shirt from mr start in Shoreditch

Philip says "wear with a Mr. Start silk tie for a formal event"


The Drake

The Drake is a more versatile option than the Ritz. It suits every occasion, casual, formal, or somewhere in between. The Drake shirt features a bluff collar with no topstitching, a rounded cuff and a French placket with minimal detail.

 Mens slim with shirt in a soft flannel fabric in blue from Mr. Start in Shoreditch

Philip says "Wear with your suit, or for a less formal occasion, remove the collar stiffeners for a softer, more contemporary look. Can also be worn buttoned up with no tie, for a cool, current look."


The Zetter

The Zetter has a rounded collar with edge stitching, a french front placket and rounded cuffs. A modern take on a classic shirt.


slim fit shirt with a rounded collar shirt with a rounded cuff detail from mr start

Philip says "Wear with a slim tie for a more contemporary look, or with a bow tie for a black tie event"


The Shirt Bower

The bower is our simplest shirt that suits every occasion, it has the smallest collar with fine edge stitching, a straight cuff and french front placket.

Simple mens slim shirt from Mr. Start 

Philip says "wear with a bold suit to soften the look"

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The Truman shirt

The Truman is a more casual shirt, whilst still having a slimming silhouette, it has no darts in the back meaning it is roomier than the above slim fits. The Truman shirt has a great range of fabrics introduced season on season and never fails to impress our clients.

mr start truman style shirt with a t-shirt underneath for causal elegance

Philip says "Why not wear with a t-shirt underneath and the shirt worn open for a more casual look or wear with a tie to create an interesting contrast with our fun, seasonal fabrics"


The Curtain

The Curtain features a button down collar. Made in a beautifully lightly textures woven two fold cotton, this shirt never disappoints. A natural fit with a box pleat at the back means it can we worn formally and casually, with comfort in mind at all times.

The curtain button down collar shirt from mr start

 Philip says "Wear with anything – it works with any outfit!"



Made to Order Shirts

Our made to order shirt service is an option we have for those that prefer something made especially for them, we work closely with the client to create their personal fit, carefully choosing the cloth and details from our vast range of beautiful, quality fabrics.

We also offer a monogramming service, perhaps to mark a special occasion!

Once we perfect the fit, season on season, our clients pick a few materials and we create make their new shirts, giving them a personal, capsule wardrobe.


Check out our FAQ's for the Made to Order Shirts...


Shirt Tailoring

We also offer an in-store tailoring service with our shirts, if a client prefers them cut a little shorter or the cuffs need shortening, it is easily taken care of.


Pssst... Did you know? All shirts were named after luxury hotels in London, to represent their high-end quality style and fit.