Which Mr. Start Suit Is For Me & How Else Can I Wear It?

How to get styled the ‘Mr. Start’ way


If you have a personal style, or are reading this because you are trying to create one, first things first - there is no right or wrong. It is expressing yourself and feeling comfortable that counts.

We're always on hand to give free style advice, if you want to make a style appointment with one of our experts, we can help you build your wardrobe and show you how to wear what, ensuring that it works for you.

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Ready-To-Wear Mr. Start

Mr. Start has four iconic suits, we are tailoring with casual wear, the reason our suits are such an investment is because you can wear your trousers with a t-shirt, and you can wear your blazer with a soft shirt, sweater and jeans, or put it all together and your suited for a formal event.

The Rivington – our original suit – ten years old, a classic to Mr. Start. It’s been contemporised over the years, the shoulder has become softer, and the details have been tweaked, but the lapels always remain the same. Slim lapels, with a slim tie, it is slick and fashion forward thinking.

The Hoxton is the brother of the Rivington, it was developed specifically as a soft suit with wider lapels, as an alternative for our customer who like the fit of the Rivington but want something a bit different.

The Pitfield was developed as a more casual fitting suit; it has medium width lapels and mainly comes as an unstructured or half lined suit, aimed at those of you after more casual, soft tailored look.

The Leonard is completely different to the Rivington and Hoxton – it’s the Mr. Start version of a West End suit, they style you would expect in Savile Row, structured shoulders, more traditional lapel, longer sleek fit with just one button and a fuller trouser.

NEWCOMER – The Rivington with a semi soft shoulder (as opposed to no shoulder pad) is joining our tailoring family this Spring!


A common question people ask when they are buying a suit, is about the style of their lapel or if they should be wearing a tie, and we are here to answer your questions!


A Wide or Narrow Lapel?

They are equally fashionable – don’t get hung up on rules – make your own style. Traditionally lapels were wide, and skinny lapels were considered more fashionable, but it’s not about what you’re wearing, it’s how you wear it. Philip wears both!


To Wear a Tie or Not?

Often people are put off the idea of wearing a tie, as traditionally it carries connotations of formality, but it’s just an accessory, something that adds a new dimension to an outfit.

Ties have featured a lot in the Autumn Winter ’19 catwalk shows; so expect to see a lot more ties in coming months! Skinny ties are being re-introduced this spring in-store and online.


This season we are bringing you a new range of t-shirts too! So you can get everything you need all in one place. We have every look covered!

“You cant wear a hoodie or t-shirt everyday it’s boring” – says Philip, but what you can do is mix your tailoring with more casual wear - its cool to combine both for a more contemporary look. Give your style a new dimension.



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 Jamie Earlam