A Gentleman's guide to Dressing at Christmas

It’s always a bit of a problem to dress for Christmas, whether its Christmas Eve or the day itself. I always think it’s a great chance to dress up and feel great, especially as we’ve all spent a lot of time in dressed down mode now during lockdown and working from home. So let us take out those slightly smarter clothes and dress up for Christmas.


It's great to wear some colour as it goes so well with Christmas and makes everyone around you feel happy. I will be wearing a Mr. Start brushed cotton shirt, with one of our T-shirt’s underneath, as I rarely wear jeans I'll wear a pair of our wool pleated made to measure trousers, which happens to be my favourite. If you are going out and about I would take one of our crewneck Kilbirnie sweaters that are made in Scotland to wear over the top for some extra warmth. Another favourite of mine is fine-gauge Italian Hoi Polloi roll neck or crew neck in lightweight wool, which I feel is essential in every modern man's wardrobe. The crew neck can be worn like a long-sleeved T-shirt, infrequent yet smart, and the roll neck can help to give you that 60’s vibe. As a final layer, I would throw on the jacket from a Rivington suit and wear it like a sports jacket. I’m a big believer in splitting my suits up and using the jacket by itself or the trousers by themselves as it can create more casual looks. You should always experiment, it’s fun to try different combinations of clothes that you already have and make new looks, I’m often surprised by how well it turns out.