A letter from Philip on the challenging 2020 and the year ahead

Wow, it's been a challenging year, we didn’t see that one coming, nor did most other businesses. What do you do when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well, I love that one.

Luckily, I’m blessed with staff that know what that means too and that’s what we all did. We knew our roles and we got on with whatever were our skills and then added a few more just for the hell of it, kinda fun!

Obviously, we had to pivot the business to be much more digitally focused with our online shop whilst still focusing on keeping the high service of the store, which we have and are doing and by adding a much bigger cost to our marketing budget, a chatbot where you can chat with us directly and having online appointments, personal videos with styling tips from Philip on our Instagram and much more!

We've also worked on broadening the product range to reflect the new situation, it's tough if your main product is something not many people are using in the current situation, (surprisingly people aren't wearing suits to the sofa). Luckily it's something we had thought about some time before it all started, so we had already been changing in that direction, and now we can feel the wind change. This is going to be a continuing evolution, with more great products to come in the spring including the recently added women's line.


Yours sincerely,