Finding the perfect wedding suits for your wedding

Wedding season is upon us, whilst we are deep in a new lockdown, it’s a great opportunity to plan, or replan in some cases, a spring or summer wedding. There is no excuse not to look your best, after all, the photographs taken are going to be looked at for many years to come. But most importantly you want to feel your best.

Let's have a look at a few ideas. It’s hard to beat a suit, after all, it’s only a jacket with a matching pair of trousers that rocks above its weight. Here at Mr Start, we carry several different cuts or fits, of suits and jackets, as ready to wear which can be altered to fit you at comparatively short notice by our expert tailors.

The different cuts can create different styles, for instance, if you chose the Leonard suit, which is a style that we call our West End suit because it has a feel of Savile Row with its slightly longer length and more formal padded shoulders and classic width lapels, we make it feel modern by having a single button fastening.

The Hoxton
The Hoxton on the other hand has no pads in the shoulder to help create a completely soft and unstructured look, wider lapels and a two-button fastening. With this model, it is easy to create a completely informal and dressed down feel and would look great worn with a t-shirt or a casual shirt. All these models can be styled to look the way you want it to look using our large selection of shirts and ties or add a waistcoat which can be made for you.

The Leonard
Designed by Mr Start, to fill a niche for a more formal suit but with a difference.
What makes the Leonard suit special is partly the styling and partly the structure. Starting with the shoulders, which have heavier padding to give a more formal and masculine look. The lapels are wider than our more contemporary models which help balance the shoulders. The length of the jacket is a little longer to give a slim sleek line. The sleeves have been cut with a slight curve which helps the way they sit through the arm. It has two vents at the back, and to finish it off and give it that extra styling detail, a one-button fastening which creates the unique and modern Mr Start style. Looks great worn with formal open neck shirt or with a great tie.

The Rivington
The Rivington is the first suit we designed for the opening for the Mr Start store in 2008, and it was an immediate success and has continued to be right up to the present day. What makes it so different is the slim lapels and semi padded shoulder for a softer feel, which gives it it's unique styling. The slim body shape that is cut slightly shorter in the length, and two-button fastening which creates a contemporary and some even say a slightly retro look though we think it just looks modern.

The Pitfield
The Pitfield is our latest tailoring model and it is aimed at the gentleman that is looking for something a bit more soft and unstructured. Perhaps to be worn with a t-shirt or our fine gauge knitwear underneath, for the slightly more casual look. It contains no padding in the shoulder for super softness, lapels wider than the Rivington, but not too wide, sometimes with a stitch detail near the edge. It can be either entirely unlined or half-lined on the inside gives it that soft and modern feel and a more casual look. It has a two-button fastening and two rear vents. The Pitfield Suit Works well as a suit or a stand-alone jacket.

All of these models are available for made to measure, where you can adapt the details, have it made to have it fit just the way you would like or choose from hundreds of different fabrics, linings and buttons.
Whatever route you choose, we will use our many years of experience to help you feel great as we have many people before you.


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