Philip Starts take on a stay at home valentines day outfit

Valentine's day is coming soon and it can be tricky to know how to play it as it comes with some expectations that can be hard to live up to!
If you are living with your partner, then she’s seen you in your comfortable clothes so many times that you might start to fade from view. I've created a few looks which might catch her attention and see you in a different light, sometimes making an effort can inspire both of you.

So wear something different from what you would normally wear, maybe a great pair of cotton trousers and roll neck sweater in fine-gauge wool, a favourite of mine, it might bring out the James Bond in you.
Or a casual printed shirt, I like to wear a Mr Start t-shirt underneath the shirt so it creates a more interesting and layered look, unbutton the first few buttons to style in a slightly more sexy way.

Or go for it, with a check suit or a fancy jacket with something simple underneath like a polo neck sweater or a great t-shirt, so it's not fighting for too much attention and taking your eye off the main event, the jacket.

Watch the looks over on our Instagram @_mr.start