Accessories are the underrated gems for making an outfit go from good to great! 
Just imagine a great pair of Shakespeare cotton trousers and a really good Ritz striped shirt or Hoi Polloi sweater together, then what next? Well, you put on your pair of shoes, say suede tobacco coloured loafers. How would we make this outfit really great? Add a pair of lovely Pantherella socks either a little bit brighter than the trouser colour or a lot brighter depending on your mood and taste, now add a good quality belt in a similar colour to the shoes. These added accessories make all the difference and bring everything together as a cohesive outfit. This will allow you to not worry so much if the jacket matches exactly, in fact a little mismatch of colour might help create a really fun and interesting outfit. Why? Because pulling everything together with your accessories gives you the freedom of which choice of jacket to wear. Maybe add a silk handkerchief to the top pocket of the jacket, add the Cubitts shades, outfit complete. 
That’s the magic of accessories add those little touches and transform the outfit. For a man, great socks in a few different colours, a couple or three really good belts in different colours, and then maybe a tie and a handkerchief. Think of a tie as an accessory, not something you have to wear but something that pulls the out fit together and gives you whatever you want the outfit to say. Fun, status, style etc. Be creative!