The new way to wear tailoring

Now that the lockdown has finally ended and we are all slowly braving our offices, it’s time to think of what to wear. Not an easy decision for some of us, as what was normal before has suddenly changed and we have to think differently about our wardrobe. 
Due to the virus, and our new stay home regimes, most people will only go to the office part of the time. The way we are expected to dress has changed, well in most businesses! The suit as a uniform, or the suit you HAVE to wear to conform is now pretty much over. That has only elevated the appeal of tailoring, as now we can see it as something cool and more of a lifestyle choice.  
We can redefine what a suit is, it has to be adaptable. The jacket can be worn separately from the trousers or vice versa. Wear a soft tailored jacket, in an interesting fabric, teamed with trousers or good jeans, or wear with knitwear or a polo shirt underneath to create a modern and minimalistic look. That won’t get you mistaken for someone who has to wear a suit! Tailoring is still one of the most important items to wear however casual you want to dress. There has been a progressive luxury elevation of casual clothes, tailoring is simply exchanging construction details, fabrics and silhouettes. It can open a whole new world for modern tailoring. 
Our Made to measure service is a great way to start thinking about a new way to dress. Customers are always amazed that the experience is so rewarding and fun. It could be for one of our new super soft deconstructed jackets, in any one of hundreds of beautiful fabrics, or may be a trouser, in a completely different fabric, which can then be worn either as more casual tailoring or simply as separates. Pleated trousers are now becoming fashionable for this undated style, so why not have a pair made to your own measurements and wear with a really good shirt or t-shirt. Turn ups are a nice feature to try, and if you don’t like them after a while we can take them off for you. Or our tried and tested flat front trouser always looks the business!
Book an appointment online and see .........
If the shop is not a possibility for you then a call on zoom or one of the other video channels is a new way to shop that can work well. We have done several zoom made to measure and styling sessions as we have had to adapt to the ever changing nature of post-covid retail. Say, for example, when someone might need a tie for a wedding or a shirt to match a jacket. Of course there might be limitations but surprisingly not as many as you might think as we are all getting so familiar with video calls. Even the colours of the fabrics are excellent on a computer or an iPad. 
The last one we did with a customer in Switzerland, was a repeat of a trouser we had made him before. He had requirements for weight of cloth and of course colour. We were able to show him fabrics to his brief and soon found exactly the right ones. We have a very comprehensive choice of fabrics from several luxury cloth mills including Standeven in the Uk and Loro Piana in Italy. 
We are not going to make any promises that are not realistic given that the medium has its obvious limitations. But if you are stuck with a problem that we could help you with or just need a bit of advice, book a call and we will be right there in your home or office. To request a booking email