The Drawstring Cotton Trousers

As a new edition to our ever-growing list of more casual items, we have added the draw string trouser to the collection. This is a more casual and relaxed version of a chino-type trouser. With its slightly fuller fit and waist string tie it is relaxation personified. In linen it really says holiday or time off. The great thing about this trouser is it has a split personality as it can teamed with say one of our Tailored slim T-shirts or Resort polo shirts for that very relaxed look. Or wear it with our new Ritz washed denim long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and maybe a soft jacket over the top and it feels more like something you would wear to a restaurant on a summer evening. Finished off with a pair of sandals or soft pumps and no socks for the real holiday feel.
The navy cotton version can be even more adaptable, whilst it will do all of the above, it can double up as something a bit more formal that might be fine to wear to the office, teamed with one of the Ritz super 120s cotton striped shirts or the crisp plain white Villa Medici version, worn with suede loafers it’s a look that would work for many occasions.
It’s a fine line between being over casually dressed and something that feels like some thought has gone into even the most dressed down outfits.