Polo Shirts The Mr Start Way

Polo shirts were originally designed for, would you believe, polo! Polo was brought back from India where the game was originally played in the 19th century. The shirt has developed over time to end up as the one we know and love today. The Mr Start version has a two piece collar rather than the more normal one piece which lays a lot flatter on the neck which is less flattering when worn with a jacket. The Mr Start version works much better as it stands a little higher and won’t disappear under your jacket collar. 
Modern dressing requires a mixed uniform of luxury separates interspersed with more sporty pieces and the polo works so well either dressed down with shorts or with slightly more formal pieces like a slim cut wool trouser and a navy blazer. Because of that sporty feel, colour is almost expected from this most flexible of wardrobe staples. So mix a little colour and more classic or neutral pieces to create a new way to dress for back to the office casual.