What To Wear To a Wedding...


    You've been invited to a summer wedding and left it to the last minute - haven't we all! 


    Luckily for us, wedding attire for men is pretty simple. In our experience, weddings almost always require you to wear a suit. Spring and summer weddings typically lend themselves to lighter fabrics, such as linen, and brighter colours. Autumn and winter weddings lend themselves to heavier fabrics, such as wool, and darker colours. The style of your suit is down to personal preference, but If you're having problems choosing, this article will help.


    Next comes your shirt. For such an occasion, a clean, crisp white shirt is an obvious choice. However, with an abundance of options to choose from, deciding which style to go for can quickly become overwhelming. As such, we have devised a all-inclusive guide to shirt styles and when they're most appropriate. Otherwise, try our Ritz Villa Weave - a firm favourite among Mr Start wedding goers. 


    When thinking about shoes, a black pair is usually the norm at any formal occasion. However, if you're feeling confident you can experiment with a brown or tan shoe, which can add some personality to your outfit. According to Philip, Crockett and Jones never let you down!


    The finishing, but by no means less important, touch to your wedding day look is a tie and handkerchief. Whilst neither are strictly necessary, at Mr. Start we see them as a chance to inject some style and individuality to a suit, and therefore recommend having both. In typical fashion, Philip likes to go bold and believes matching the two shows a lack of imagination. He recommends pairing a elegant tie with a statement handkerchief to create a subtly daring look. For summer weddings it may be appropriate to lose the tie, in which case, Philip outlines the options available to you here


    The most important thing to remember with your wedding outfit is to wear it with confidence. Confidence can go a long way when it comes to an outfit!


    1. White shirts can begin to stain overtime, especially the collar and cuffs, so we recommend buying a new shirt for such a special occasion.  

    2. If you are unsure of which tie to wear and how to wear it, we suggest opting for a white one. They’re easy to wear and always elegant.

    3. Always get your suit cleaned and pressed.


    Our team is always available to offer you their expert styling advice in-store or alternatively here online. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at: store@mr-start.com