3 Easy Ways To Make Your Suits Last Longer

1. Hang your suit up after wearing

A suit spends far more time on its hanger than it does your shoulder. Therefore, its vitally important to choose the right hanger. Ordinary hangers simply hang your clothes, with some even causing puckered or re-shaped shoulders. Suit hangers are wooden, broad, and have wide shoulders to prolong your suits life by preventing sagging or stretching.They also contained a flocked or felted trouser bar to prevent creasing on your trousers.

2. Give your suit a rest​ ​

Ideally, a suit should be not worn every day and needs to be rested between wearings for a day or two at least.

 ​3. Clean your suit yourself​​​​

Too much cleaning is not good for a suit. Instead of rushing to the cleaners as soon a stain appears, try cleaning it yourself with the "sponge and press” method. If it's food, and not to oily, place a damp towel over your finger and gently rub the stain, dabbing it dry when finished.


If you wash and iron your own shirts, how about finding a good laundry service, such as www.citystyledrycleaners.co.uk. It saves time and stress and cost less than a cup of coffee for a new shirt every day