What is Style? 

Fashion is ever-changing, with trends coming and going. We are not interested in fashion, we are interested in style. Style is not one thing, it is many: It’s a glimpse into who you are, an insight into society, a political statement, it is art and so much more. Those heralded as style icons were done so, not because hey followed fashion trends or because they spent the most on clothes, but because their clothes embodied their defiance toward conventional fashion norms. Their style became synonymous with their who they were. 

This is very much our approach at Mr. Start. We believe style is about embracing who we are and having the courage to convey that to the world. Which isn’t to say you have to leave the house everyday wearing an pink crocodile skin suit. It can be as subtle as softening a black suit or jacket with a pale blue shirt , in place of a traditional white or black shirt. - black and blue is a great combo! Or wearing trainers with a suit. Untraditional and historically unthought of, fashion-forward individuals will regularly don a pair of Nike AirForce alongside their suit nowadays to create a casual everyday look with a formal classic. 

So, as long as you’re comfortable and owning whatever it is you’re wearing, you’ve got style! Even if that means pushing some boundaries in the process.