How do you wear a suit without a tie?

As tailoring becomes less sartorial, and more contemporary, men are increasingly looking for alternatives to the traditional shirt and tie look.

One option is to leave your top button done up, as if your tie were still there. This is great option, frequented by Philip, that works best with a casual fit and soft collar, for a relaxed feel.

A more conventional approach is to undone the top button. This style can be worn with a slim or relaxed fit but requires a shirt with a firm collar that isn’t going to get lost underneath the collar of your jacket. 

Undoing a second button is a statement and requires a confident shirt for a confident look. Such a look would typically be more appropriate in casual settings. 

Irrespective of the style you choose, without a tie more importance is placed on the quality of your shirt. Your old shirt won’t do. It must be crisp, appropriately fitting and without your tie to hide them, feature great buttons  - all our shirts feature mother of pearl buttons for this reason.

And remember, how you wear your clothes has a huge impact on how they look. So, whichever style you choose, wear it with confidence!