A few pointers to consider before buying your wedding suit…


It’s your big day; the last thing you want to do is worry about what you’re going to wear. Mr Start is an expert when it comes to suiting, with 10 years of our unique style and expertise, whether it be made to measure or ready to wear, our team are here to guide you.


Our aims are to get you perfectly fitted, ensuring you’re comfortable and are going to put it on in the morning of your wedding and forget you’re even wearing it, because you’re confident that you look and feel great.




First things first - ask yourself a few questions -


1.     How formal is the wedding?


Whether you are having a formal church wedding, or getting married on the beach we are here to help.


For a more formal wedding, you may want to go down the more traditional route. Remember, a suit carries connotations of power and strength and you want to look the best version of yourself, it is your wedding day after all!



If it’s a beach wedding think casual, lightweight cloth, a more laid back approach to formal wear. With the Mr Start made to measure service the world is your oyster when it comes to fabrics. Linen lounge suit, or even just a pair of really well fitting trousers could do the trick.



2.     Three piece or two piece?


The choice of wearing a waistcoat is totally up to you; the benefit is that when you take your jacket off you’ll still look superbly smart, yet more relaxed.

You may want to choose a playful lining on the back of your waistcoat and keep the suit minimalistic so it can be worn as a two piece for multiple occasions, but you’ve still got the waistcoat after the big day as a special memento.


3.     Tradition or fashion?


If your style conscious or not, we will cater for all your needs.


Fashion may not be on your agenda, however, it could be for your partner. You should give a nod to the colour scheme of your wedding somewhere in your outfit, whether that is through a pocket square, your tie, a pair of socks, or even in the finer details of your suit, contemplate a contrasting lining or piping.


Traditionally, the groom wears dark colours, like navy or grey. Have a think about what colours suit you, how far are you willing to push the boundary, yet still be comfortable?


Emerald green, beige or a brighter blue would be a contemporary spin on a traditional wedding suit, and even doubling up as an evening suit at a later date, teamed with an dinner shirt, bow tie and pocket square, you’ve got two outfits!


4.     What about my Groomsmen?

We have a vast range of beautiful, quality silk ties available that can compliment your outfit and tie in with your colour scheme. Socks, pocket squares, or even a suit (depending on your budget), the team at Mr Start can get you and your best men looking great for your special day.



To book a free consultation, please book an appointment with a member of our experienced team to ensure we make your day run as smoothly as it possibly can. Let us take one thing off your to-do-list!