Perspective is a point of view

The view from the rooftop garden was particularly pleasant these past few days.

As I sat and reflected on another week at the shop - a busy period filled with new customers (mainly grooms in the making) and some familiar faces returning to freshen up their tailoring after a pandemic imposed hiatus...

I sat back and enjoyed a delicious chicken and mushroom pie with my wife, Brix. Bought from the local farmers market and piled high with seasonal greens. 

For me, it’s these simple moments that really make you appreciate life. Sharing a meal with someone you love or experiencing something for the first time. It feels pure. 

That evening my wife and I watched a documentary about a group of climbers preparing for the Olympics. I found it entirely captivating. The story of four incredible women that set out on their respective journeys toward (what seemed to be) an insurmountable target, an unachievable dream. 

The story left a lingering thought…

How human endeavour is capable of producing extraordinary outcomes. 

Not everyone will be climbing a mountain (or even a wall) next week but life’s successes aren’t as far away as we may think or are perhaps led to believe. 

Of course, it’s all relative. 

(the documentary is called The Wall - Climb for Gold, check it out)

A few days prior we’d been shooting some of the new season suiting around the building. It’s always fun to see new visions for our product come to life. We’re excited to share the output with you over the coming weeks. 

It’s all about perspective really. It’s just about how you look at things.

ps. just a thought 

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