The man who would be Queen

It would be amiss of me to put pen to paper this week without mentioning the word 'Queen' in some capacity. 

Freddie Mercury would have been 76 this year. 

A purveyor of flamboyant style and an icon to many - Freddie didn’t bow to the status quo of what fashion should look like. He created an individual style that was rooted in expressionism and something that felt artistic and playful.

From the High Street to the catwalk his influence can be felt throughout the fashion industry to this day. His music is a mainstay at shows all over the world and there is undoubtedly a distinctive thread of Mercury (over the years) running through collections from some of the most prestigious design houses.

It’s rare that we would make a pair of skin tight white trousers or a policeman’s outfit here at Mr.Start but the confidence that comes in being able to create your own sense of style is something I always like to encourage. 

Our Made to Measure service really encompasses this attitude.

Being able to direct the production of your tailoring is truly something special. When I see people walk away from their final fitting with (what is essentially) a bespoke piece of clothing that they’ll treasure for many years to come - it feels like a job well done. 

I wonder what Freddie would have gone for if he were here today? 

Perhaps an oversized lapel, a prominent shoulder pad and some gold buttons to trim?

Anyway, it seems fitting to end my musing this week by saying thank you to the man who would be Queen.

Freddie. We salute you.

ps. just a thought

(it may be an extended Bank Holiday, but style never sleeps, so we’ll be open as usual Thursday to Saturday this week).