Time to make your move

Tactically some things are harder to master than others. 

That's for sure.

Chess for instance - a game of pure strategy, perhaps Warhammer too…less so Connect 4 or naughts & crosses...however all of these extracurricular pursuits involve manoeuvring a number of things in a particular order for a desired outcome. 

I was always quite fond of chequers myself, it seemed like a more laid back alternative to the tactical warfare of other board games.

Simple pieces. Clean lines. No need to overthink it too much.

Some days I open my wardrobe and it feels like a game of chess. Then I remind myself that tailoring is an easy game when you just deal with what’s in front of you. Go with the flow. There’s no winners or losers. 

I just tend to alternate the same pieces in the same way and it works (most days).

I'm more inclined to lean towards a simple tee with a mix and match jacket and trouser combo finished with a pair of white trainers nowadays.

You’ll find a whole array of styling options at the shop and online this summer and I've put together a little selection of my favourites for you to peruse - see the link below. 

So enter the summer with a new perspective. 

Easy does it. 

Rook to knight 4 no more. 

ps. just a thought.

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