The race to be human

Before I continue I just wanted to reassure you all that this is being written by a sentient life form. 

I find it hard to believe that Artificial Intelligence could ever produce such witty prose. 

I’m sure Google would have us believe otherwise…but as the search engine powered by the global tech giant fails to point me in the right direction of what it is I'm looking for (again) and can’t give me a definitive answer as to whether you can freeze eggs or not - I think we may be a little way off robots taking over. 

There’s certain things that will (in my eyes)  always remain tactile and humanistic. 

Tailoring is one of those. 

I don’t think my avatar would ever be as good as the real thing. 

Certainly not as entertaining.

Can you imagine a world where a robot takes your measurements in a shop?


But what about one that can gauge your wants, needs and expectations?


But what about a robot that can help you pick out the best shirt and tie combination and style you for your wedding?

Who knows (I hope not).

Anyway, we’ll be here IRL making garments for the foreseeable future (at least). It’ll be nice to see you.

The race to be human begins! 





ps. just a thought