The Accessory Guide for Men

Accessories, socks, belts, scarves, beanie hats, or pocket squares and ties can make an outfit even more special and also make a great gift.  Just by adding one of these to an outfit can make all the difference. For example adding a belt that matches your shoes gives an outfit a big lift. Add a scarf, it doesn’t have to match, and now you can have instant style. Top it with a beanie hat and you are off. It’s good to build a collection of accessories, so that you always have something handy to pick from. You can often get great bargains from the sales! People can be a bit cautious about buying accessories as they aren’t sure quite what works with what. 
A few simple guides can be applied. Try to match two different accessories, doesn’t matter which, socks to a scarf or top pocket handkerchief to your belt. Feel free to experiment as that’s the fun of styling yourself, or ignore our advice and create your own style which suits your personality. A sweater makes a brilliant accessory, add one of our Hoi Polloi sweaters in a colour you might not normally wear, wear it under any jacket or a casual over-shirt. It will lift the outfit and hopefully make your clothes more fun and enjoyable.