Dressing for colder days - winter accessories for men

The cold has come back again and we still have several more months of potentially cold weather. So, what to wear? Two things that always make the most difference to feeling warm on a cold day; firstly is a good overcoat,  like our Epworth cashmere/wool coat in navy blue. Now in the sale, it’s a great investment piece and would work equally well worn over one of our Kilbirnie roll neck sweaters or one of our Navarre jackets. Add one of our new super soft Alpaca scarves, worn tied in a loose knot or just hanging in a nonchalant and stylish way. Alpaca is a South American Llama-like animal with really lovely soft luxurious wool. It’s the perfect item to keep you warm and add a lot of style to your outfit. Choose from a selection of great colours here.

Then, there is always a warm woollen beanie, like our Chunky ribbed lambswool one, which comes in many vibrant colours. You can lose a lot of your body temperature if you don’t wear a hat, so it makes a stylish & practical choice.

The new Truman over-shirts in checked Japanese fabrics in 3 wonderful colours are also designed to keep you warm. With their soft to the touch finish, add a tailored T-shirt underneath for an extra layer; it’s casual yet elegant. Wear as part of the new more relaxed dress down work environment or style with a tie to neaten up the look.

There are plenty of warming outfits in our sale at great prices. We look forward to seeing you, either online or in person in the store.