The Drake

The Drake is a modern version of a traditional shirt. It’s been updated to make it work in the ever-changing world we live in, especially the world of flexible work and leisure time. The shape of the collar is the same as the Ritz, though it's been made softer by reducing the inner lining and the top stitching has been left off so it looks modern and minimal. It can be made even softer by taking out the hidden collar stiffeners. Any detail that is not needed has been removed from the finished shirt, which gives it architectural form.
It has our standard, slim but not too slim, body and mother of pearl buttons which are standard on all our shirts. The cuff is softer and is curved to enhance the modern aesthetic of the Drake. Mother of pearl buttons of course is standard throughout which gives that touch of luxury.
It comes in a large variety of fabrics, for our “essential” range in bright white 100% cotton 2 fold piquet, which is a textured fabric that enhances the formal moving to casual flexibility. It also is available in a pale blue ‘end on end ‘ which is a term used for a classic micro-weave using one end of blue and one of white woven together to give this soft blue colour, in 100% super 120’s cotton from Monti in Italy.

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