How to choose the right pair of mens sunglasses

There are so many sunglasses on the market it's hard to know where to start. The big picture for most people is the shape and the colour, shape being the most important. That determines what we all want, which is to look great and maybe a little cool. Glasses have the ability to say a lot about the person wearing them, just ask Elton John.

But for us mere mortals, fashion and the look you want to project is the most important. I have been wearing the same shape optical and sunglasses for many years, I chose them originally because I liked them and thought they were cool. Now they have started to define me and I’m loath to change. It’s a bit like clothes in general, when you find a style you like that makes you feel confident and also works with the many levels of ones life, its best to stick with it.

Colour is the next thing to think about, if you are able to have more than one pair you can be a bit more daring with a second or third. If it's one pair, I would stick to the basic colours, though you could choose a slightly lighter or darker shade which could give you a style of your own.

The search for the right pair can be frustrating and some brands are really quite expensive and can be a major investment. That’s why we stock @cubbits, a high-quality British brand that makes shapes and styles that are really interesting, fashionable and cool, but the price is manageable.