The Ritz 

The Ritz shirt model is one of our most popular. It has a pointed collar that has enough stiffness in it to hold it firm when worn as an open neck. This is very important if it's to be worn in a smart setting, a wedding or to business. It has a stitch towards the edge of the collar to give a slightly traditional touch. It has a placket that runs down the front of the shirt which is a smart feature and a square cuff with a mitred edge that adds to the balance of the design. We always use real mother of pearl buttons.  

The fit is slim, though not too slim, long enough to tuck into trousers without the worry of it coming out the first time you stretch up to get your bag from the overhead baggage containers in an airplane.

It comes in several different fabrics one of which is the best selling Villa Medici a twill weave, EASY CARE fabric that comes in bright white as well as a lovely light blue. If you are looking for a hard-wearing luxury shirt that will look smart time after time this is a great place to start.

The Ritz is available in many fabrics including the first price white 100% super 120s cotton poplin lightweight shirt.

Also available in white is Villa Medici fabric with double cuffs. Wearing a shirt with cuff links is quite empowering whether it's a pair handed down through the family or brand new to reflect your taste, it can be another expression of your personality.