New Season, New Colours

Playing with colour shades is a key part of making fashion fun and a way to personalise your wardrobe. Some people have difficulty with colour. There are some easy rules to keep in mind if this is the case.
That's where we come in. We can help you create a colour guide that suits your taste and style. Then you never need to worry about what colour to choose, what suits you, or what goes with what. It might give you more confidence to be a bit more adventurous.
We love colour, and this year we are using it in a big way. It helps to make outfits look and feel more contemporary or bring back a memory. Colour looks great, say in one of our new fine gauge, lightweight wool Hoi Polloi sweaters, worn under a tailored jacket. This will make it look more casual and up to date and by varying the colours, can change the whole dynamic and help create more options for each outfit. Colour can be bright but can also be subtle, for example, a lighter blue shirt or t-shirt worn with a darker shade of say navy blue jacket or trousers. So many ways to help make fashion work for you.
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