How to choose a wedding shirt that's comfortable all day

Buying a shirt for your wedding can be tricky, it’s got to look right under the jacket you will be wearing for the ceremony, and then for the photographs, and the reception after that, and hopefully be somewhat comfortable to support you during the day (especially if you're not an avid shirt wearer).
So that's a lot of work for one shirt. It should have a good collar that will work with your tie if you wear one. I would suggest that you do, as it looks smart and finishes off the outfit. Later in the day you usually take off the tie, meaning that the shirt still needs to look good without it. The Ritz shirt in white comes in two different fabrics, a plain weave or the twill weave, which is our best selling white shirts. We also have a pale blue version which could be an interesting alternative to white if you want to be a bit different.

The reason the Ritz works so well is that the collar is fairly structured which means it looks great with a tie and when you take it off the collar won’t sag and disappear down the inside of your jacket making sure you always look great without having to stress about it. Then when the party starts it will look good with its tapered trim fit that will stay tucked into your trousers when you're dancing because it's long enough in the body. Don’t forget that however long your wedding day lasts there will always be someone ready to take your photograph!