The new way to wear tailoring

The dress codes have all changed around the world since the virus came and our stay at home regimes and the fact that most people will only go to the office part of the time or not at all has had a huge impact on the way we dress. The suit as a uniform or the suit you HAVE to wear to conform is now pretty much over. This has only elevated the appeal of tailoring, as now we can see it as something cool and more of a lifestyle choice rather than something we have to wear to work. We can be so much more playful and creative with it.

At Mr. Start we have redefined what a suit is. A suit has to be adaptable today to work. The jacket can be worn separately from the trousers or vice versa. Wear a soft tailored jacket in an interesting fabric teamed with trousers or good jeans. Match it with knitwear or a polo shirt underneath to create a modern and minimalistic look. That won’t get you mistaken for someone who has to wear a suit but rather for someone who knows how to dress in today's fashion.

Tailoring is still one of the most important items to wear however casual you want to dress. Over the years there has been a progressive trend in casual clothes, making them more luxurious. What tailoring means is simply that it's exchanging construction details, fabrics and silhouettes. It's opened a whole new world for modern tailoring.

Our Made to measure service is a great way to start thinking about a new way to dress, you'll be guided through every step so it's suitable for tailoring beginners and enthusiasts. Our customers are always amazed that the experience is so rewarding and fun. 

It could be for one of our new super soft deconstructed tailored jackets, which is one of our trendier pieces, in any one of hundreds of different fabrics. Or maybe a tailored trouser, in a completely different fabric, which can then be worn either as more casual tailoring or simply as separates. 


Pleated trousers are now becoming fashionable for this undated tailoring style, so why not have a pair made to measure for own measurements and wear with a really good shirt or t-shirt, to achieve the effortless yet very sophisticated look. Turn ups are also a nice new feature to try, and if you don’t like them after a while we can easily take them off for you. Or perhaps our tried and tested flat front trouser which always looks the business!

Mr. Start gives you 20% off your made-to-measure order for a limited period (Delivery will be between 6-8 weeks) Book an appointment online to start your tailoring journey with us today