Why a Pair of Socks Has the Ability to Transform your Outfit


There is nothing like putting on a brand new pair of socks, and a pair of socks is another accessory for me to consider when getting dressed each morning – infact, it is arguably just as important as a tie.

- Philip Start


The modern man often wear their trousers shorter to show of their sock. The choice of socks is a way of expressing yourself, if you’re in a good mood, a pop of colour can reflect how you are feeling, and add that spring to your step.

Equally, simplicity is also style, opt for a monochrome, smart, quality sock to sharpen up your look.

Have you heard the story of the gentleman who bought a thousand pairs of socks in one purchase in Harrods, because he loved that ‘new’ feeling? – I can relate - I know the special feeling of putting on a brand-new pair of socks for the first time. I actually keep a stash of unused socks in my wardrobe for a treat! Don’t worry – I am not the man behind the story – but I wish I was!

Introducing 'Specific Object' at Mr. Start

We have introduced this great new brand to our store, Specific Object, their socks are produced in a small family run factory in Northern Italy, with just 100 pairs per colour.

Beautifully fine cotton, six wearable and contemporary colours, it feels exclusive, and very much the aesthetics of Mr. Start.